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PURE ZONE fitted at two hospitals in France

April 10, 2020

Alès, first hospital in France labelled HQE

The hospital of Alès is the first in France to open its doors with the label HQE (high environmental quality). The ultra-modern hospital is equipped with a large number of high tech apparatus is able to limit the energy impact on the environment by widely using renewable energies. Everything is designed to guarantee optimum comfort for the patient.

In particular, each room is equipped with multimedia touch screens to control with a few clicks the access to a large number of services (make phone calls, select a television channel, surf the internet). Thus the screens used by the patient, family and medical staff are protected by Hexis Health film without affecting their practical use.

The Hexis Health solution brings additional benefits for the hospital hygiene creating a safer environment for the patient. The hospital and Hexis Health are carrying out a feasibility study.

Bayonne chooses the HEXIS Health antimicrobial PVC film to protect its hospital.

Hexis has recently started a pilot project to install antimicrobial PVC film in le centre hospitalier de la côte basque, a regional hospital situated in Bayonne (South West France). A global solution of printable ecological film with antimicrobial protection has been fitted to doors within both the hospital’s Pediatric department and games room.

Indeed, this particular pilot project has proven to be doubly advantageous for the Pediatric department. Images of Mickey Mouse and other characters have been digitally printed onto eco-friendly PVC film in order to brighten up the environment for the hospital’s younger patients. Hexis films has been add to over 50 doors, in order to give extra protection against Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs).