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Perth’s Dept of Transport installs Purezone in central city busport staff areas.

July 21, 2020

The Perth Busport is unique. Not only is the bus station fully underground Рa first for Perth Рit is also Australia’s first bus station to work more like an airport, with buses departing from different stands for each trip to maximise efficiency.

Maximising passenger flow requires a large team. The staff hub for this team is based at the busport and is used constantly by control staff, drivers and transport security. With this amount of people using the facilities hygiene again is of high importance. Using creative surface protections purezone on all high touch areas, kitchen surfaces along with fridges, taps and microwaves, entrance doors, toilet doors & even the food vending machines, Transperth is adding that extra protection to its staff along with its usual cleaning processes dramatically reducing the spread of bacteria & viruses.