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OK great so I get it, and all looks good but how do our customers and public spaces know we are thinking about their safety and welfare?
OK good question. As it’s a clear vinyl and it could be to be hard to tell, Hexis has used a unique labelling system which can be clearly displayed and identified upon entrance to the premises or small labels actually underneath the film in the protected areas. Imagine the door handle to the rest rooms clearly showing a protection giving that extra comfort to your customer where hygiene is so important.

Do you supply the stickers and information to us and our customers?
So yes, we do supply the identifying PURE Zone labels and positioning and sizes of these will be discussed prior to installation along with leaflets provided. Typically, a large logo applied at entrances with smaller more subtle versions throughout the areas protected.

Does it actually work?
Powerful antibacterial action harmless when in contact with skin is working away tirelessly 24/7
Pure Zone films contain silver ions which are set free from the top layer when they come in contact with humidity. These reactive ions rapidly block and destroy bacteria, preventing them from multiplying between two cleaning and disinfection operations. (Link to how it works)

How long am I protected?
Durability up to 5 years (indoor vertical exposure)

Can I fit this myself? / And how easy is it?
We can supply pre-cut kits with fitting instructions and tools if required.
As it’s a clear film seeing bubbles behind the film is possible, so trained fitting is best. But with a soapy water spray application its certainly possible to apply by yourselves on easier flat surfaces.
Used both internally and externally

So, has it been tested and where is your proof?
As you can imagine with such bold statements these products need extensive research, testing and meeting of the highest regulations. PURE ZONE has been stringently tested and approved by the highly recognised Pasteur Institute and certified with accordance to ISO 22196 standard to offer an active 24 / 7 surface protection that inhibits and neutralises the growth of harmful microbes, reducing 99.9% of bacteria. PUREZONE® antimicrobial products have also passed the ISO 21702 standard that proves their efficiency against coronaviruses.

Certificates of analysis in skin tolerance reports. Attached pdfs of all certifications.

Will I still need to clean my surfaces and will it rub off!
You will still need to do all your normal routines of good practice hygiene and the film is resistant to most chemical agents, alcohol, diluted acids, Oils with a permanent adhesion after 24hrs of contact.

Is it safe on skin and food it comes in contact with?
Perfectly safe on the skin and ideal for use around food hygiene and may in time become law as per European regulations. The Pure Zone antimicrobial film has been tested and certified according to ISO 22196 norm. It ensures a guaranteed neutralisation of 99.99% of Escherichia coli / Salmonella enterica / Listeria monocytogenes / Staphylococcus aureus / Staphylococcus aureus resistant to methicillin (MRSA) / Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
“These bacteria are responsible for gastroenteritis, fever, listeriosis, weakened immune defences, urinary tract infection, skin infection.”