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Say goodbye to bacteria with PURE ZONEĀ®!

Thousands of passengers and staff pass through airports and on planes everyday. There can never be enough cleaning done. Every time a screen is touched for self check in, more bacteria can be left behind. Its just not possible to clean every high contact surface between every touch. That’s why Pure Zone antimicrobial film is a huge step forward in the prevention of bacteria and illnesses being spread.

It has powerful antibacterial action which is harmless when in contact with skin and has numerous benefits during application and throughout the use: conformability, strong adhesion, water-tightness, and ease of cleaning.

It continues to work and protect 24/7 for up to 5 years.

It will give passengers, staff and crew confidence that risks are being minimised.

Find out more about how Pure Zone can help reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria in our FAQs section.