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Retail and leisure


Schools / Play areas


Banks / ATM’s

Installing antibacterial film in your premises can help give customers peace of mind that germs and bacteria are minimised on high contact areas. ATM machines can be touched by countless people every day and therefore is an easy way for bacteria and illnesses to be spread.

Customer counters, customer service desks and door handles can all be covered easily with PURE ZONE to minimise the risk of bacteria spreading and showing your customers you care and are going that extra mile to help keep them safe. The areas can still be cleaned as normal and the vinyl keeps performing for up to 5 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Creative Surface Protection PURE ZONE has been stringently tested and approved by the highly recognised Pasteur Institute and certified with accordance to ISO 22196 standard. If you are looking to stand out as actively protecting your staff, customers and public service areas the use of PURE ZONE is without doubt the best form of germ prevention. Each installation has clear label stickers throughout showing its use and your commitment to this important contribution to hygiene and health in your community.

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