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Kindergarten and Child Care Centres

Reports show that toilet doors (not the actual toilet), cafeteria trays, desks, art supplies, sports equipment and playground equipment are some of the most germ-ridden areas in a school. Noticing a theme here? Those are a lot of shared items touched by many kids.

We all know that you can do all you can to keep cleaning a surface but it only takes one grab of the handle, push of the door or touch of the screen in high traffic areas to replace germs back on those surfaces….with the number of children in Kindy and day care there are so many areas which will be touched hundreds of times in a day and we all know its impossible to ensure children are washing hands continuously!

PURE ZONE antibacterial laminate film contains silver ions encapsulated in a glass matrix which inhibits the development of 99.99% of germs. It can be applied to any smooth, hard surface and installation involves minimal disruption and no mess.

We are experts in vinyl film installation in Perth and antibacterial film can be installed with minimal disruption and mess. Contact us today for more information.