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Retail and leisure


Schools / Play areas


Restaurants / Cafes / Bars

Restaurants, cafes and bars are busy public spaces with many surfaces that are touched by lots of people every day. Antimicrobial protection can play an important part in an effective food hygiene regime.

Just how clean is your table? Did the previous customers wash their hands after going to the bathroom and then put them on the counter when they went up to pay? The scenarios are endless.

You’d be surprised how many germs you could find in a restaurant, unless of course, that restaurant protected their surfaces with PureZone antimicrobial protective film.

Not everything can be covered in surface protection film so you need to think of where are your high contact areas? What do staff and customers touch the most? Counters, table tops, backs of chairs, toilet doors, main entrance doors…….

Customers seeing that you are doing your best to make them safe is so important. We therefore provide PureZone stickers to display at your premises and where possible near or on areas that have the antimicrobial film applied.

We are experts in vinyl film installation and antibacterial film can be installed with minimal disruption and mess. Contact us today for more information.