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Retail and leisure


Schools / Play areas


Shopping Centres & Supermarkets

Where can antimicrobial film benefit enhanced public hygiene?

There are so many high contact areas within shops and supermarkets that the list is endless. But where would we recommend? Think of the highest contact areas. What surfaces would be the best candidates for antimicrobial film protection?

  • Hand rails (stairs and escalators)
  • Self service checkouts
  • Trolley and basket handles
  • Toilet doors
  • Fridge door handles

You can imagine how many fingers come into contact with all these areas every day. By applying PureZone you can reduce the risk to both customers and staff. To show them all you are making an active effort we provide stickers to show areas that have PureZone film applied.

Find out more about how Pure Zone can help you reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria in retail environments in our FAQs section.